Anastaxia really is the whole package–gorgeous, sexy, strong, and a terrific wrestler to boot. We decided on a semi-comp match, and even though I had a good 35-40 pound weight […]


Anastaxia Draganova is simply and without question the best provider of services available. Yes, she’s more expensive than some, but worth absolutely every penny. If it’s between getting some less […]


I wrestled well over twenty women from the WB270 list and Anastaxia is by far the best I have ever wrestled. Her wrestling space is large and has excellent mats, […]


The first thing you’ll notice about Anastaxia Draganova is how her already impressive photos don’t do her justice in person. You’ll be stunned by the vibrancy of the long, golden […]


“Anastaxia Draganova made me her wrestling slave, and I loved it” Even before our match began, I knew Anastaxia Draganova was a professional. As soon as I arrived at her […]


I had booked a wrestling session with Anastaxia while she was in Canada she was very prompt and courteous with her response. We set up the session in a studio that […]