Role play fanatics

role play teacher dominatrixYou have met your match. I am an expert in erotica role-play. No role is too outlandish pour moi! I will lead you into a new world, & there is no going back.


I love a weird & whacky unexplored Role-play scenario. This is your chance to get creative, & please me in the meantime. Send me your outrageously kinky ideas for a Role-play session with me. If I haven’t heard your scenario before & I love it, you will automatically be accepted as my role-play bitch.




Here are a few of my favourites.


  • Bad cop Draganova will capture & cuff you, then do a full body inspection.
  • FBI agent will resort to all kinds of unimaginable torture to get the information she needs.
  • Head Mistress, you will do anything to avoid being sent up to her office where your bottom will meet her harsh cane.
  • Mean Mummy can wrap her son around her little finger, OTK spanking, force feeding, corner time. You have been a bad little boy.
  • Sister Sadist has sick way of showing her love for lil bro.
  • Naughty Nurse only wants to molest her patients.
  • School bully, she is a nerd hating, ball busting bitch!
  • Kinky teacher will entice you with her tight pencil skirt, vintage stockings & bursting bosoms. You can’t believe your luck when she invites you over for some “personal tuition”.
  • Abduction: Alien Anastaxia captures and immobilizes you and will stop at nothing to get your DNA sample, to build her evil clone army.
  • Mysterious Lady at the bar has caught your eye. When she takes you back to her place, you think you are in there. She has other plans for you.
  • Bitch boss loves to keep you behind for some overtime. Will you really do anything to get that promotion?
  • Wicked wife, you have got some explaining to do.