Wrestling Female Dominatrix

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Strong Female Wrestler.

You won’t know what’s hit you.

Woman on Man Wrestling, Bikini Wrestling, Female Pro Wrestler.

Come join this beautiful female wrestler on the mats.

Yes, I am a London Dominatrix & Yes, I can wrestle you into submission.

I am the most beautiful female wrestler on the planet; I am also extremely fit, quick, agile, fucking flexible & energetic.

An extraordinarily powerful captivating WARRIOR!

If you think can take me on, you are wrong, but of course, you should come find out for yourself.

I fight from my private space in EC1.  I also do out-calls to session wrestle in your hotel & can bring travel mats upon request.

Here are my favourite female wrestler activites;

  • competitive female on male wrestling
  • semi – competitive wrestling
  • custom fem vs fem & fem vs male wrestling clips
  • domination wrestling
  • sensual wrestling
  • fantasy
  • role – play
  • scissorholds
  • arm bars
  • submission holds
  • chokes
  • pins
  • grapevines and other wrestling moves
  • take downs
  • rough body play
  • pressure points
  • restraint wrestling
  • be my punch bag
  • arm wrestling
  • face sitting & smothering
  • Lift & carry
  • I am currently NOT offering 2 way boxing sessions. Watch this space for my developments.

I love to get a sweat on, I love to feel you wiggle & squirm, I love to hear you shriek as I bend your body into ways it shouldn’t and have you submit to me, I love to see you tremble when you realise you are on a losing streak, with no place to go but trapped in-between my thighs.

Through my technique, flexibility, strength & natural ability, I will remove your desire to fight back.

As listed on www.wb270.com and www.sessiongirls.com – both great resources to find me and other female session wrestlers in London & Worldwide.

I do not wrestle topless or nude.  Any reasonable wardrobe requests will be considered.

NO sexual activities. That means NO sex, NO bj, NO hand relief. NO intimate body worship. kNOw your place.