What my slaves say

This Mistress …

She isn’t like the others.
She is entirely herself.
This isn’t an act, it’s real.
She enjoys it.

She will enjoy you.
She will enjoy your pain. (As she enjoyed mine).
She will enjoy your predicament. (As she enjoyed mine).
She will enjoy using your body to her own devices. (As she enjoyed using mine).

She will hurt you. (Be accurate about your wants. My “intense” session was very intense)
She will render you useless. (In your mind and in your body).
She will push you all the way down. (Her strength is remarkable).
She will push your limits. (I can still hear her telling me to breathe).
She will break you. (If you let her take you there).

My marks fade quietly and in time will be gone.
My mind bends the time and light of memory.
Somewhere deep inside, she still exists.
And I know I will see her again.
And ask her to take me further.
And be frightened for having done so.
But know I will go. And bend. And break again.

Her smile will bring me back.
Her genuine laugh haunts me.



Wow…Amazing…Breathtaking…..Heavenly…Ecstasy… a few of many words I could use to describe my meeting with Anastaxia Draganova. When I saw her ad online that she would be visiting my city I almost didn’t respond because she looked too good to be true, but after a few emails back and forth discussing my interests and availability I had a session booked for an hour. I was a bit nervous at first but when I arrived at her in-call I was greeted by a stunningly beautiful young lady with a flawless body and a beautiful face she looked even better in person than in her pictures.  We chatted for a bit and went over my interests (trampling, foot worship, face sitting, toilet training) again and then she wasted no time in getting started. I could tell that she was an experienced dominatrix as she took full control and immediately put me in my place underneath her sexy high heels, I was in heaven as she was trampling all over me like her own personal floormat. After a few rounds of trampling it was time for some face sitting and I can’t think of any other place I would rather be than underneath such an amazing ass controlling my every breath. I wanted to stay under that ass forever but I (foolishly) only booked an hour and also wanted to worship those feet that were trampling all over me. I spent some time up close and personal with those feet that were just causing me so much pleasure and pain and then it was time for what i was really waiting for, to serve this goddess as her personal toilet,  and she did not disappoint me in any way! I’ve seen many dommes and none compare with Anastaxia Draganova, my only regret is that I didn’t book a 2 or 3 hour session!


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What my opponents say

Anastaxia really is the whole package–gorgeous, sexy, strong, and a terrific wrestler to boot.

We decided on a semi-comp match, and even though I had a good 35-40 pound weight advantage on her and a couple of inches in height, Anastaxia gave me all I could handle. Her legs are incredibly strong–her scissors almost inescapable. But what you really have to watch out for is her reverse choke hold, which she can apply pretty quickly. Even though she doesn’t have a body-builder physique, the hold is like steel, and she had me tapping out in seconds. Anastaxia also has great conditioning, and never gets tired. She can wear you down and have you gasping for air by the end of the match.

We also did a little role play/dominatrix scenario and if that’s your thing, you’re in for a treat because when you first meet her she’s warm and fun to be with, and easy to talk to (not a clock-watcher, either), but once the scene begins she’s an amazing actress who can stop you cold you with a glare or a smirk, or a well-placed boot on your chest. Oh, and did I mention the British accent?  There’s nothing quite like being squeezed into surrender by a sexy blonde Brit while she whispers “You are going to submit to me,” in your ear. Fantastic session and I would absolutely love a re-match with her.



Anastaxia Draganova is simply and without question the best provider of services available. Yes, she’s more expensive than some, but worth absolutely every penny. If it’s between getting some less expensive provider and saving your coins for Anastaxia sometime in the future, I’d strongly recommend rubbing one out yourself and waiting for the extra money to do it right. Intelligent, a great conversationalist and with an incredible physical presence and undeniable charisma, you simply can’t go wrong with her.

This woman’s beauty is unequaled, from the way her eyes light up beneath that thick, beautiful hair, to her light, lilting and seductive voice, to the curves of her body all the way down to her perfectly shaped feet – every inch of her is a marvel. And I have NEVER known anyone who has so much enjoyment in her work.

Anastaxia is remarkably strong and in superior athletic shape. Her hands are incredible yet without looking like some Olympian.  I’d asked for a light wrestling session; at one point in our battle she locked her legs around my neck and squeezed; the last sight I had before I almost passed out was of her beautiful feet in an ankle lock – as she laughed at how completely helpless I was.

At another point I had asked her to hand smother me, and when she did, I could really tell that she was enjoying herself, too. I can still see the predatory look on her face as I slowly surrendered my life beneath her. Anastaxia redefines eroticism and owns the property rights to it – and guess what – you’ll be her property, and willingly so.

Guys, do yourself this favor – I don’t care who you’ve had before, you NEED to have a session with Anastaxia. Just be careful though, she’s so damn beautiful and so damn good you’ll be completely hooked and you’ll be screaming inside until you can see her again. I know I am.


See what all my slaves say