This Mistress …

She isn’t like the others.
She is entirely herself.
This isn’t an act, it’s real.
She enjoys it.

She will enjoy you.
She will enjoy your pain. (As she enjoyed mine).
She will enjoy your predicament. (As she enjoyed mine).
She will enjoy using your body to her own devices. (As she enjoyed using mine).

She will hurt you. (Be accurate about your wants. My “intense” session was very intense)
She will render you useless. (In your mind and in your body).
She will push you all the way down. (Her strength is remarkable).
She will push your limits. (I can still hear her telling me to breathe).
She will break you. (If you let her take you there).

My marks fade quietly and in time will be gone.
My mind bends the time and light of memory.
Somewhere deep inside, she still exists.
And I know I will see her again.
And ask her to take me further.
And be frightened for having done so.
But know I will go. And bend. And break again.

Her smile will bring me back.
Her genuine laugh haunts me.