A wet wonderland makes for a dry dungeon.

Hello clammy clams & champaign garglers.

Where the hell art thou? Watersports requests are at an all time low, thanks to you, pissy Vancouver. It has not stopped pissing it down for whole 2 weeks. Champaign administrating is one of my fine specialities & it is simply wasted here. With Whistler just an hour away I am tempted to stay & establish myself as the exclusive Snow Domme of Blackcomb. But the ski season doesn’t start until December, so what in Goddesses name am I to do until then? I will tell you what. Goddess Anastaxia is out of here & I am taking my top class British bladder with me! As of November 14th your bubble binging days are over.

So there you have it. Goddess is leaving & now you are building up a thirst. You imagine yourself obeying my order to lie down on the floor, as I tower above. Slowly I spread my legs exposing you to what will later drown your sorrows. The feeding of my delicious nourishment will constantly be on your mind, so you’d best book your last session to say farewell with a Toast to good healthy bladders.

Quench that thirst.

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