Currently interviewing for personal slave in Melbourne

Hello Ozzie Bums !

Just arrived in Melbourne, or Melb as you call it. My Goddess. Customs is a bitch! Got a sweet pad in La Trobe St & can’t wait to get my big black strap-on up some enthusiastic Ozzies Bums!

It is 42 fucking degrees outside. I want a crate of Coco Vita Coconut water delivered today.   Now where do I go to get this famous Kangaroo Pizza? Who will prepare me a BBQ in the park tomorrow? Which beach is fit for a Goddess? Next week I want to go on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise! Hmm… Sounds like I need a Personal Ozzie Slave. Do you think you have what it takes?

Send your applications to

You will need a car, a rock hard six pack torso & must have lived in Melb’ for at least two years to be considered.

Gud Ey & Gud luck Bums.

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