Paradise is very nice

Greetings from an island far from you!

Thanks to all your advice which I happily ignored, I decided upon a trip to the enchanting Maldives. I am staying in the sunset water villas of Rangali island. It has the only underwater restaurant in the world. If it was not prohibited to bring vibrators into the country, this would be my Goddess Wonderland. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it is, so here are some piccies of me relaxing & looking fabulous doing sweet FA in paradise. Having said that, I have been wake boarding, scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks & manta ray, snorkeling, free diving, tennising, & receiving heavenly massages daily. Still, plenty of free time to conjure up new & naughty ways to torture you upon my return. Another Maldivian Mojito? Yes, Marvelous idea.


dominatrix down time Goddess in a hammock dominatrix paradise

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