Wrestle mania in Covent Garden!

I have got new mats! I have got new mats! lalala lalala! Yes finally. The West End Wrestle Studio is ready! It is the business! Centrally located, clean, private & discreet, kitted out with top quality MMA mats, fans to cool off & a spotless shower with fresh towels to wash off the sweat of defeat. I couldn’t be happier in my new office. Joy joy joy!

I have had some great oponents these past two weeks. Seems competitive matches are the way forward. There are few women on this planet who will wrestle just about anyone. Call me mental, but I am one of them. This week I have fought an 85kg young buff weight lifter, he was a toughy. Incredibly strong but I still had him tapping out like a bitch & loving every minute.

Next up 100 kg 6ft1’’ cheeky buggar from Norf Lundun. We had an intense match & much to my disatisfaction he had me tapping out of his leg locks. Dam I HATE to lose. Stamina was on my side & as he began to tire, I went in for the kill & was victorious with my deadly reverse choke hold. Now that I know his game, he won’t hear me tapping next time.

On a lighter note, I am also getting plenty of playmates who are all about erotica, skin on skin, scissors, pins, face sitting, smothering & the feel of this enchanting Goddess, overpowering them with her unimaginable strength.

As you might have guessed I have an intense sports background.

My chiseled thighs & rock hard calfs were sculpted through intensive dance training, skiing & snowboarding like a pro since the age of 2.

My biceps & solid forearms have developed through tennis, field hockey, gymnastics, acrobatics, adagio, hand balancing, power vinyasa & ashtanga yoga. This is also the reason that my pert 34DD breasts still rest where they first grew & my diamond “raspberries” point to the sky. All natural smothering goodness!

I am conditioned through daily cycling, body weight training, & if you must know, shagging my hot new stud.

My core will always remain my strongest part. This is my centre.  Everything comes from here.

To top it all off, even after all this hardcore training, I am not built like a shit brick house on roids. My body is toned & slender. That way, I fool every client who walks through my door that they might just stand a chance! Hahaha! Fools.

You come to me to learn that you are nothing.

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